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IMTS Spark Offers Exhibitor Showrooms, Events and Collaboration Opportunities

IMTS—The International Manufacturing Technology Show has launched IMTS spark, a digital platform presented in conjunction with Gardner Business Media that is designed to help businesses optimize their manufacturing processes for speed, precision and performance.


The scope of offerings includes 2,036 IMTS spark exhibitor showrooms, 31 live machine demos, 240 different manufacturing technology sessions, 145 different speakers, live interviews, daily updates, hosted shows and Q&A interactions with some of manufacturing’s biggest business, technology and thought leaders. IMTS spark runs through March 15, 2021.


“IMTS spark offers the best of what the industry wants most: fresh ideas to improve their processes and the opportunity to make new connections with the people who can help transform their operations,” said Peter R. Eelman, Vice President and CXO at AMT, which owns and produces IMTS. “From rethinking your supply chain to digitizing operations to solving everyday challenges, there is no other vehicle that offers more in-depth resources or new opportunities than IMTS spark.”


“The critical role manufacturing technology plays in growing businesses has never been more apparent than now,” said Rick Kline Jr., President of Gardner Business Media. “At a time when we need some happy coincidences, there are more new ways to improve operations than our industry ever imagined, notably with digital manufacturing. IMTS spark is the place to learn about the transformative technologies that are ready to implement now, as well as those that should be part of any five-year business plan.”



Technology Filled Showrooms

A cornerstone of IMTS spark is the live equipment demos (31 and counting) where participants can chat and ask questions, and the IMTS exhibitor showrooms where participants can search the largest database for manufacturing technology equipment (2,036 companies) on IMTS spark.


MySpark Planner

“We suggest business leaders use the same approach to IMTS spark as they would for a live event, but even more so because it encompasses a greater scope,” said Eelman. “Gather team members, list operation challenges, research the tools and equipment most important to your plant today and tomorrow, assign specific people to specific tasks and have routine team de-briefings afterward.”


IMTS spark enables registrants to review: 700+ products (and counting), 85+ news releases and 73 case studies (and counting), 84+ technical white papers (and counting), choose from more than 350+ vendor brochures and take advantage of exhibitor special offers.


Six Showcases

So that visitors to the site can easily search and find relevant content, IMTS organized spark into six showcases: Manufacturing Technology, Innovation Shakedown, Making Connections, Industry Insights, Business of Manufacturing and Leadership Insights.


A total of 240 sessions (content segments) and 152 speakers are currently scheduled, with more being added. Many of the sessions have a consistent time slot. For example, equipment demos are featured throughout the day starting at 9:30 AM CT; the IMTS Conference airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 AM CDT and Additive In-Depth airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon and again at 1:30 PM CDT.


Knowledge Centers

The Knowledge Centers in IMTS spark features a variety of technology topics with more coming out on a rolling basis. Topics include:


• Top Shops—The Gardner Business Intelligence and Modern Machine Shop Top Shops Program is both an honor for the shops chosen annually, and a benchmarking tool for all who participate. See how your business stacks up.

• Digital Manufacturing—From machine monitoring and machine tool dynamics to out-of-the-box digital tools, digital manufacturing technologies are a requirement for competing in the marketplace as well as simplifying and improving businesses.

• Trends in Automotive—What’s Next for the Automotive Industry? The Editors of AutoBeat explore the industry’s transition to one where automotive manufacturing is safer, simpler, more regulated and possibly reshored.

• Additive Manufacturing for Production—Learn the basics of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for production applications.


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