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Ario Technologies Inc. Offers Augmented Reality Tools to Help Manufacturers Retain, Organize and Share Domain Knowledge

Ario Technologies Inc. delivers augmented reality (AR) technology to the industrial workforce, enabling immediate and easy access to shared knowledge. Ario offers two products, the Ario app and the Ario Connect app, that provide access to real-time resources through spatial documentation, giving teams the ability to access, capture and share expertise. By providing spatially relevant information, companies can increase operational safety, consistency and accuracy.


The Ario mobile app creates spatial documentation and uses augmented reality to give teams the data, information and training they need when and where it is needed. The application offers the following benefits:


      Teammates can use AR to place, store and retrieve data and information at the exact point where it is needed in real-world environments. Placed information points or Pips (AR icons) can hold anything from 3D/AR models, images, videos, docs, sensor data, workflows and process documentation.

      Digitally connect and catalogue an organization’s existing, new and live resources to their workforce wherever and whenever they are on the job. All teammates need is a WiFi or cellular data connection to access documentation and workflows instantly and to monitor and share equipment status in real-time.


Ario Connect is a video calling app powered by augmented reality that promotes collaboration by giving teammates real-time access to expert advice that exists within their organization. The application offers the following benefits:


      Teammates can receive clear and specific instructions instantly to complete a complicated workflow or troubleshoot an equipment failure from an expert already within the organization, no matter where they are located.

      Teammates can drop Pips from a pre-generated library into the other teammate’s field of view to guide their work.

      If the work environment is too loud, teammates can message each other on top of the video feed while still using Pips to provide directions.


Joe Weaver, co-founder and CEO of Ario Technologies Inc., said, "Today, teams are more dispersed than ever as employees are divided between working on the factory floor and at home, or in some cases, in another country. Our hope is that our suite of solutions can provide far-reaching benefits for people communicating, mentoring or simply performing daily operations while working in this new normal during the coronavirus spread and ongoing labor shortage.”


Organizations using Ario or Ario Connect also have access to the Ario Portal, which is the central hub that powers both apps and allows administrators to manage users, build out workflows, upload media and resources, track analytics and more from a single access point. Through the portal, administrators can:


      Bulk upload videos, photos, PDFs, quizzes and 3D models, and associate this media with relevant Pips, tasks, checklists and quizzes.

      Build custom tasks, courses and checklists based on the needs and workflows of their business.

      Assign users into groups based on their job responsibilities, shifts, physical locations, etc., and give groups access to only the data and information relevant to them.

      Use Ario’s analytics to fully understand how a team is using the Ario apps and identify where additional information or training is needed.


"The Ario app provides us with the ability to digitize our current procedures while also streamlining our workflows," said Bret M. Tomajczyk, Electrical Design Engineer at Canon Virginia Inc. and Ario app user. "The processes behind setting up a new procedure are very user-friendly, and whenever we needed support, the team at Ario was more than eager to help us.”


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Ario Technologies Inc.

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