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Learn the Latest & Most Efficient HP 3D Post Processing Methods at Bel Air Finishing

3D printing has become an increasing more viable form of mass production in a wide range of industries. Therefore the need for the fully automated mass finishing of 3D printed parts is growing, and manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with the latest mass finishing technologies.


Bel Air Finishing is a manufacturer of mass finishing equipment and supplies and is now offering the opportunity for clients to learn all about the mass finishing of 3D printed parts.


Bel Air will be conducting the HP PA Post Processing seminar/workshop Aug. 5, which will focus on HP 3D printed parts, but will also cover other 3D printing technologies.


The workshop is designed to teach participants how HP 3D printed parts can be taken from a printer, processed to produce a high quality finish, measured to qualify results, and much more. The seminar is now also available online, as well as in person.


Bel Air is always available to help over the phone, online or at their facility in Kingston RI.


For more information contact:

Bel Air Finishing Supply, Inc.  


101 Circuit Drive

North Kingston, RI 02852

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