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Customized Solutions: Multi-Tasking Machines, Automation and More

PMG gantry milling machine

Compact multi-tasking machine

FP floor-type milling/boring machine

Soraluce will showcase a portfolio of machining solutions and user-friendly services during EMO 2019. Visitors will be able to explore its complete and advanced range of products and services, all of which have been designed to be customized according to each customer's specific needs.

"Soraluce's advanced product portfolio includes a wide variety of milling machines, a new range of gantry machines, vertical lathes, multi-tasking solutions, automation lines and 'best in class' services," said a company spokesperson.

One of the highlights will be the new Soraluce milling, turning and grinding center designed to transform the machine concept into a multi-tasking solution for high precision and performance. It includes a range of mobile column milling machines, together with the new high power and torque full 5-axis head.

"Soraluce offers advice in machining engineering with a team of experienced engineers who evaluate the production and machining processes of clients and provide solutions to optimize them, improving overall performance and achieving improvements in cycle times," said the spokesperson. They can perform an analysis of the production process, supply process engineering, tolling assessment, fixturing design and manufacturing, development of heads, development of custom cycles, development of special devices, personal training programs and assistance during the initial phase of the machining process.

Soraluce's Intelligent Machine concept is engineered to make each process simple, reliable and convenient for the customer. It is comprised of innovative technologies, based on research and customer requirements, that provide customers with a competitive advantage.

With this approach, Soraluce will showcase at EMO the performance of DAS+ for the elimination of chatter during machining, and intelligent damping solutions that maximize chip removal capacity during machining, improving machine uptime and allowing continuous production. Another highlight will be the VSET simplified clamping system that is able to provide alignment time savings of up to 70%. Designed for process efficiency, Soraluce will feature Smart HMI, an intuitive intelligent interface.

Soraluce will also feature three key technologies engineered for high precision:

  • Ram Balance is a system that improves ram geometrical accuracy, straightness and parallelism when vertical and cross axes are moved, thereby increasing the general precision of the machine, especially when it is equipped with an automatic head-changing system.
  • DHC Dynamic Head Calibration is a self-calibration system that improves the accuracy of the compensation parameters associated with the head. The result of the process is a higher accuracy kinematic model of the machine that will improve overall precision.
  • Accura Heads is an extension of the DHC package that enables, in cases of high accuracy processes, the possibility to compensate the head articulation positioning deviation for one particular position of the head. This technology provides maximum machine accuracy since the measurement cycle is executed just before the milling process.

For more information contact:

Select Machining Technologies - A Division of Morris Group, Inc.

910 Day Hill Rd.

Windsor, CT


EMO 2019 - Hall 13, Booth B38

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