LK Presents Camio Studio CMM Software

LK Metrology Systems Inc., a leader in coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology, offers Camioª Studio, its next generation CMM software. 

LK MSI's Camio is a three-dimensional DMIS-based software suite that provides a direct link between CAD/CAM files and CMM inspection operations. It generates inspection programs from solid, surface, or wire-frame CAD data files. All functions are performed with point and click convenience.

Camio Studio builds on these strengths, adding a new DMIS engine based on the upcoming DMIS 4.0 -soon to be the world standard, as well as the easiest and most customizable interface available in a CMM software product.

"The interface is easily customized to accommodate the widest possible array of users," says Steve Horsefall, LK MSI's manager of applications. "The less experienced user can opt for a simple interface that quickly leads him through the steps required to collect the data he needs, while an experienced and highly technical user can go directly to his own customized interface with all of the toolbars and icons he desires.

"Our interface design embodies current Microsoft Explorer-type concepts," he continues, "so today's PC users will find the new Camio Studio a very familiar looking, intuitive environment in which to operate." Horsefall adds that ease of operation is further enhanced by the fact that the number of steps required for many frequently performed operations has been reduced. Importantly, Camio Studio is a direct upgrade from earlier versions of Camio, with no hardware changes required.

Among the features that have made LK MSI's Camio so widely accepted is the fact that the system can be utilized in an online or offline mode to create inspection programs quickly and easily. Input data links to the programming system are provided through industry-standard exchange protocols such as IGES, VDA, and STEP.

When Camio is used to program from CAD models, the models can be manipulated within the environment using various viewing options such as orbit, render, pan, and zoom. An optional ability to load a probe and fixture model and to orient and render the view makes possible accurate simulation of the inspection process in a virtual world.

The CAD-based programming also allows the user to point at the model using the mouse and create DMIS commands that build stand-alone DMIS part programs. These can be run on other CMMs with no CAD capability.

Reverse Engineering options are built into the Camio package to allow users to build a CAD model of primitives during the inspection process. The reverse engineering tools are further enhanced with the option of Free Form Digitizing that uses LK MSI scan technology to create nurbs curves for building complex surfaces.

The Camio software package is available as an optional inspection system to purchasers of new LK MSI CMMs. As a retrofit package, Camio can also be used to provide a cost-effective upgrade of older CMMs operating on a DMIS platform.

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