LMT-Fette Introduces HSC Feed End Mills


LMT-Fette's HSC Feed offers high feed capability in a solid carbide endmill. It is designed for roughing and semi-finishing of hardened die and mold steels. With chip loads up to .031" per tooth and cutting speeds in excess of 650 SFM, HSC Feed can perform at table feeds exceeding 500 IPM.


LMT-Fette designed the HSC Feed with a sub-micrograin substrate and LMT's AL2 plus PVD titanium aluminum nitride coating. This combination is designed for wear resistance and toughness. High feed milling of materials such as P20, H13 and S7 with hardness up to nearly 60Rc, are accomplished with the HSC Feed. It also performs in carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and stainless steel.


LMT-Fette's bottom radius is designed for higher metal removal rates, and in addition helps improve the cost performance of tooling.


LMT's HSC Feed offers a center cutting design that performs in an array of applications, including 3D contouring, pocketing, helical interpolation and slotting. The geometry of the HSC Feed is designed to leave less stock in the corner pockets. This helps improve efficiency while reducing the number of tools required to finish a mold.


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