Toolmex Enhances TUR Manual Plus CNC Lathe Series


      Toolmex has announced enhancements to its TUR Manual Plus CNC Lathe series aimed at delivering a broader bed length range, additional CNC choices, higher speeds, optional axes, more power and new guarding packages. The series now features increased production on the most popular sizes (25- to 43-inch swing x 78- to 236-inch bc - 4.1-, 5.5- or 12.6-inch bores) combined with new upgrades. "With the superior TRI-V bedways featured on 80% of all TUR-MN beds to assure higher accuracy, greater stability and longer life, Toolmex TUR MN lathes are the preferred choice for customers doing tight OD turning or deep boring applications," said a Toolmex spokesperson.


      The expanded HACO TUR MN/CNC line has been developed to accommodate a wider range of parts. These lathes are now available from 25- to 61-inch swing over bed with bed lengths as short as 40-inch to as long as 708-inch bc. Spindle bores are available from 4- to 18-inch. The slant bed multi-tasking FCT lathe line has also been expanded to include new 39-inch swing x 60- to 177-inch bc (5.5-/8.6-inch bores) with the original 27-inch swing x 62- to 122-inch bc (4.1-/5.5-inch bores). Additionally, the original Manual TUR lathes are still offered as 25- to 28-inch swing x 40- to 157-inch bc.


      "Get greater CNC flexibility with choice of four CNCs from leading manufacturers, including the latest Siemens 840DSL Shop Turn Manual and Fanuc 0iTD," said the spokesperson. "Siemens 810D Manual Turn and Fanuc 21iT are also available. Improved selection allows users to customize lathes to fit the operator and application with options for better graphics, programming ease, tool setup, file transfer, maintenance and more.


      "With speeds up to 2,500-RPM on the 4.1-inch bore TUR630MN series, the improved TUR line also features speed enhancements on the TUR800MN and TUR930MN with 5.5-inch spindle bore, taking the standard from 1,200-RPM up to 1,800-RPM. Both models come with Japan/German angular contact front spindle bearings. New 39-inch FCT slant bed series offers up to 1,200-RPM even with the extra large 8.6-inch bore and superior German bearings."


      All TUR-MN series lathes are available with standard 2-axes and new optional 3rd-axis (C-axis with live tooling). An additional Y-axis is now available for TUR MN 53- and 61-inch swing and all slant bed versions.


      TUR630MN offers choice between standard 24-HP or a brand new 40-HP main drive while the TUR930MN offers 40-HP standard and new 60-HP option."


      Toolmex TUR MN now offers brand new guarding packages, which offer an optional third guard door interlocked for the TUR560-1100MN series with 118- or 157-inch bc. The new interlocking guards are designed to protect machinists from chips and coolant while keeping the floor clean and improving safety and efficiency. The latest TUR MN models will now also include new interlocking front and rear guards for added safety.


      For more information contact:

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