Mannings Heat Treatment Units


Conscious of the need to meet the demands of advancing thermal technology, the Research and Development policy of Mannings USA, Inc. keeps them continually abreast of leading heat treatment procedures. Among these advancements are the Mannings mobile transformer/heat treatment units and ceramic mat heaters.


Transformer/heat treatment Units

The interchangeable three or six-way heat treatment control modules are designed to make the transformer suitable for pre and post weld heat treatment of pipe work and vessels on construction sites and in workshops.


Housed in a rigid steel framed, heavy gauge sheet steel wheeled cabinet, the unit is mobile, well balanced and finished in a durable hammer gloss quality paint. Insulated to Class H standards, the windings are air cooled and rated for an ambient temperature of 50C.


Standard features include: a primary 3-phase input of 380V/76A; 415V/70A; 440V/66A a shunt trip disconnect facility in conjunction with overcurrent and winding temperature protection provision for over temperature protection for the workpiece 115A auxiliary supply for lighting operating power tools neon indicators for each channel four meters of 4 core armored cable two forged lifting eye bolts.


Ceramic Mat Heaters

Manufactured from high-grade materials, the Mannings ceramic mat heaters have a working temperature capability of 1050C and can be powered from Mannings heat treatment units and centers, welding machines or Mannings mains voltage control units. Interlocking sintered alumina beads providing a flexible high-transfer capacity mat, complete with twistlock connectors, electrically insulates the multi-strand nickel chrome element wire.


The safe low-voltage heaters rated at 30V, 40V, 60V and 80V are available in a wide range of sizes. Non-standard voltages of 220V and 240V are also available. Other sizes and ratings can be supplied on request. All heaters are rated as 45 amps.


Identical in construction to the ceramic mat heater, the Tank Track Heaters have in addition, ceramic fiber insulation encased in stainless steel mesh and protected by a stainless steel backing plate.


Particularly suitable for preheating pipework, welded fabrications and vessels having either longitudinal or circumferential seams, this heater can operate from a welding machine or heat treatment transformer unit, give protection to the insulators from weld spatter or be magnetically attached to the workpiece for fast application by the addition of two magnet assemblies.


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