Sumitomo's NF-DA2200 PCD Inserts Designed For Non-Ferrous Materials


Sumitomo's NF-DA2200 Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) insert NF-DA2200 demonstrates a strength and wear resistant combination in diamond non-ferrous cutting tool grade. With a transverse rupture strength equal to that of C7 cemented carbide, it performs best in both rough and finish machining of aluminum work pieces.


Sumitomo uses ultra-fine diamond grains in NF-DA2200, to ensure the sharpest cutting edge for high luster surface finishing. This strong cutting edge also results in superior chipping resistance, in milling applications. The added edge strength allows for a higher feed per tooth, so less inserts are required in a milling cutter.


Ideal for non-ferrous applications, NF-DA2200 can be used for rough and finish milling of aluminum wet or dry. The optimum size of PCD used in NF-DA2200 offers a less expensive alternative when machining non-ferrous materials. This new series has also proven itself for interrupted and rough and finish turning applications.


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