Mazak's Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC/PC Control

With four years of development and over a half million man-hours of engineering behind it, Mazak's new Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC 64-bit control fuses the power of the most advanced CNC control system with the communication capabilities of a PC and real-time feed back to revolutionize machine tool utilization. Mazak's controller offers shorter cycle times, greatly reduced lead times and more management information to achieve new levels of competitiveness for manufacturers.

With its 64 bit RISC CPU, Mazak's Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC has accelerated computing speeds for spindle and axis controllers, faster more efficient look-ahead machining capabilities, smooth high-gain servo control and tool path optimization. These capabilities alone may save tip to 20% in cycle times.

It can also deliver greater finishes for complex contour cutting such as molds, dies and aerospace machining. A fine spline function looks ahead and smoothes cam-generated surface points that may contain calculation errors, reducing finishing operations.

The user interface is the Windows 95¨ operating system, giving Mazatrol Fusion 640 bi-directional communication capabilities between the fused PC and CNC and other factory PCs. It can simultaneously execute one CNC program while inputting another (Mazatrol, EIA/ISO) or running any compatible Windows¨ application software.

With its fused PC, this control can deliver daily and weekly status reports for spindle load, spindle speeds, part counts, and machine status on a real time basis. With the ability to access this information from a remote office, unlimited possibilities open up for factory integration and manufacturing efficiency.

Mazak's Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC 64-bit CPU offers more memory to handle large complex programs. Programming storage capacity in Mazatrol format has increased from 623 blocks to 13,520, and EIA/ISO format from 76 m to 1,650 m. A two gigabyte hard drive (1.5 gigabytes available for programming) is also featured.

While dedicated CNC hardware and software offers the best system performance and reliability for machine tools, PC fused CNC adds a new dimension in shop floor management and control.

Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC's Navigation functions are like having an expert operator inside every CNC control.

Until now, extensive expertise and multiple test cycles were required to improve the cutting conditions once a program was made. Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC makes the setup process easier to greatly reduce the preparation time.

For both turning and machining simulation, three dimensional solid models in color are displayed on the screen showing the actual shape of the workpiece. Once the part is programmed, the 3D solid model graphic simulation is displayed on the monitor to verify tool path and cycle times. The 3D solid model can be displayed graphically in different views so that holes and other areas of the part which normally can't be observed can be seen.

After the graphic simulation is done, machining time for each cutting tool is displayed graphically. With this information, the longest cutting time within the program is easily identified. With the Navigation function used for each cutting cycle, spindle load is graphically displayed on the monitor along with the cutting conditions. To increase productivity, the Navigation function can suggest more effective cutting parameters from within its database. Cutting conditions can be modified according to the suggestion and the cycle time will be recalculated according to the new conditions.

Mazak's Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC offers a new high speed helical tapping mode called the Tapping Tornado. With it, tapping functions are performed with canned cycles using only one toot and one operation instead of the usual three or four. Cycle time can be cut by over 60%.

Boring Tornado mode is another built-in function that performs boring of multiple diameters using a canned cycle and a single boring bar for a large range of hole diameters.

Multiple-insert end mills reduce tooling costs, but can't normally be used in the Z-axis direction. Now, Mazak's Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC can use these types of end mills for pocket machining by utilizing a canned cycle helical ramp-in function. This feature reduces cycle times and the number of tools needed.

With the Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC, machine controls becomes an integral part of operations -from time study to scheduling to shipping. Networked to other PCs, real-time manufacturing information can be easily reported. Machine status information such as spindle/feed values, alarms, setup times, machine uptime and production part counts can be monitored from a remote PC by just calling the controller. Interface with other PCs can be done with an ethernet card, SCSI-2 card or modem card.

One example of networking benefits is the integration of CAD and Mazak's optional CAMWARE and Shop Floor File Manager software to reduce programming time and lead time from design to manufacture.

After CAD drawings are generated through CAD data or in CAMWARE, CAMWARE provides off-line Mazatrol programming, wire frame and 3D model cutting simulation. CAMWARE can output in either Mazatrol language or EIA/ISO. The File Manager can display the part database, categorize it and store it in a tree data structure and allow part information windows to store up to ten pages of text such as design, tool, fixtures and machining instructions for each program. All part programs and associated information can be printed for detailed records. The File Manager provides the data transfer between the PC and the Mazak machines using either an ethernet card, SCSI-2 card or modem card.

During operation, a machining schedule is created, job instructions are supplied to each machine in the network and real-time production feedback is monitored. Reports can be made for complete production control, such as raw materials needed from purchasing, scrap rates and finished parts delivery.

To keep the Mazak machine tool in top running condition, the Mazatrol Fusion 640 CNC will display an alarm on the monitor indicating when routine maintenance on machine components needs to be performed.

Also, on those occasions where the machine tool needs service, the CNC will display a self-diagnostic function screen that graphically illustrates the problem area and provides a possible cause of the problem and a trouble-shooting guide.

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