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High-Feed End Mills for Hardened Steels, Superalloys

Niagara Cutter high-feed MZN410R and MZN510R AlTiN coated solid carbide end mills are engineered to provide enhanced wear resistance and performance in applications that involve machining mold and die components. The high-feed end mills are particularly suited for hardened steel (48-65 HRc), cast iron or nickel-based superalloy workpiece materials.

Featuring strong open-end tooth designs, the MZN410R and MZN510R are designed to improve process reliability through enhanced chip evacuation, eliminating re-cut chips and the resulting edge chipping.

"The end mills transfer cutting forces axially into the machine tool spindle, allowing mold shops to use lighter-duty machines to achieve results comparable to those from larger, heavier machines," said a company spokesperson. "They also generate less cutting pressure than ball nose or round inserted tools, improving access to smaller corner radii on mold cavity floors and sidewalls."

The MZN410R and MZN510R solid carbide end mills are available in diameters that range from 1/8" to 5/8", 4- and 5-flute configurations as well as short and long reach options to meet various workpiece requirements.

"Overall, when used in high-feed milling operations, these cutters reduce machining time and costs by allowing the use of one tool for a wide range of operations, maximizing material removal rates and allowing close-to-profile pocketing of 90° walls. The technique also minimizes semi-finishing operations to further increase machining efficiency," said the spokesperson.

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