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Auto Fast Change Tool System for Swiss-Style Auto Lathes, Machining

ARNO-Werkzeuge USA offers the Auto Fast Change (AFC) Tool Systems for Swiss-style machining.

"The quick-change tool system provides faster set-ups and reduces downtime with in-process tool changes in Swiss-style machining operations," said a company spokesperson. "It also eliminates the need for external plumbing to facilitate cooling. The mess and problems created by excess chips and debris mixed in with coolant inside the machine is minimized as well." The ARNO AFC comes pre-configured with built-in through-coolant capabilities. In total, there are five inlets for porting the coolant on the AFC toolholder block that operators can use to direct coolant flow.

"Anyone who uses Swiss style auto lathes knows there is great difficulty in changing tools and inserts easily," said the spokesperson. "Quarters are very tight, and these machines contain many tools that are in close proximity. Physically getting inside these machines is awkward for tool changeovers. The ARNO AFC only takes 30 seconds to change, compared to other standard Swiss tool systems that can take up to 20 minutes."

The AFC system is comprised of a two-piece universal toolholder mounted inside the machine. A separate quick-change toolholder slides into the end of the stationary block and locks in to place simply by giving two screws a quarter-turn each.

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