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CI to Showcase 3-D Printing Capabilities at EASTEC

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) will showcase one of its additive manufacturing machines at EASTEC 2019 in West Springfield, MA, May 14 to 16.


CI’s range of 3-D printing technology includes the BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) and MAAM (Medium Area Additive Manufacturing) machines, as well as the family of SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) models. The company offers an array of 3-D printing capabilities through this variety of additive manufacturing machines. CI will bring a SAAM model to EASTEC.


The BAAM and MAAM are each industrial sized machines. Both were designed to bring the benefits of 3-D printing to production manufacturing. "The BAAM and MAAM machines utilize the design and technology from CI’s laser platform and have been enhanced with an extruder feeding system," said a company spokesperson. "Their systems were designed with open architecture for material vendors, which means that these machines offer more cost-effective ways for large parts to be produced quickly. The main difference between the two are the print sizes they offer. The BAAM offers three different print sizes, while the MAAM offers one print size."


The spokesperson continued, "The SAAM was designed as a complement to CI’s BAAM and MAAM machines. This allows for prototypes to be created on the SAAM before entering full-scale production on the larger machines. The SAAM utilizes CI’s patented Automated Ejection System to provide the ability for continuous, unattended 3-D printing. It is the only 3-D printing machine that offers this function. The SAAM HT offers the same ease and speed of the SAAM machine, but with the ability to 3-D print in ULTEM, PEEK, polycarbonate or any thermoplastic up to 500?C. This ability makes SAAM HT the most affordable solution for fabricating strong parts, whether for prototypes or functional parts."


For more information about Cincinnati’s additive manufacturing capabilities and options, visit Booth #1844 at EASTEC and talk to one of CI’s employees.


For more information contact:

Cincinnati Incorporated

7420 Kilby Road

Harrison, OH 45030


EASTEC Booth #1844


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