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Rugged European Chucks for Extreme Oil Country Conditions

Extreme environments call for durable chucks; oil country field applications can require long run times in all kinds of weather conditions. "Toolmex offers a complete range of Extra Heavy-Duty Oil Country lathe chucks to meet these conditions. TMX European engineers and machinists specifically designed these Extra Heavy-Duty manual lathe chucks to fill the rugged requirements of an oil field workshop," said a company spokesperson.

"Our oil country chucks provide strength and versatility with standard 16 inch through 40 inch solid forged steel bodies, extra wide jaws and large bore (through-hole) options along with standard spindle mounts," said Hugh Barnes, Regional Sales Manager.

All TMX manual chucks are made in Europe and are produced with hardened steel bodies manufactured from high quality forged steel. "All-forged steel body chucks are more durable and rigid compared to chucks with semi-steel cast iron bodies and allow the chuck to run safely at high RPMs," said Barnes.

Extra Heavy-Duty American Standard tongue and groove hard top jaws and hard master jaws have fine serrated matching surfaces to expand total gripping area, maximize gripping force and help reduce workpiece slippage. "The high gripping power and the rigidity of the chuck body along with robust jaws contributes to enhanced accuracy and repeatability providing higher tolerances on workpieces and greater RPMs," added Barnes.

All TMX Heavy-Duty 3-Jaw Scroll and 4-Jaw independent chucks are direct mount and available in the most popular A and D type spindles (A-8, 11, 15 and 20 and D-8 & D-11) as well as straight recessed mounts. In addition to the standard size offering of 16"-40" diameters, "our TMX European factories are capable of manufacturing these chucks to meet a customer's customized design request," stated Barnes. "Our strict quality standards ensure consistent accuracy and dependability," explained Lukas Kielb, Vice President of Toolmex Industrial Solutions.

Chucks, spare parts and jaws are stocked in the new Toolmex U.S. facility.

These chucks complement an offering of other heavy-duty TMX products including 3-, 4- and 6-Jaw Heavy-Duty VTL chucks. Supplied with wipers, extra-long master jaws and a center plug to prevent chips and contaminants to the internal operation of the chuck, these chucks are available in both forged steel body manual and power (hydraulic) execution. The complete TMX workholding line includes power chucks, V-flange tooling, collet chucks, Set-Tru chucks as well as manual chucks ranging from 3" through 100" diameters.

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Hugh Barnes

Toolmex Industrial Solutions

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Northborough, MA 01536

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