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Roughness Sensor Increases Measuring Efficiency

ZEISS ROTOS is designed to offer optimum precision and maximum flexibility when performing roughness measurements due to its modular design and rotation in three axes.

The new ZEISS ROTOS roughness sensor enables the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) to completely inspect surface waviness and roughness - even on complex workpieces, and all in a single measurement run without any reclamping. This innovation is designed to simplify and speed up the measurement of all surface parameters from the drawing in a single measurement cycle.

The ZEISS ROTOS sensor makes it is possible to check the size, form and location tolerances together with the roughness parameters on a single machine. Instead of requiring separate stylus instruments to capture more significant form deviations, these can now be performed on ZEISS PRISMO and ZEISS CenterMax CMMs. The sensor can easily be exchanged as needed using an interface on the CMM probe. Depending on the measuring machine and the particular stylus, users can capture Ra roughness values of up to 0.03 µm with this new sensor.

The innovative design of the new ZEISS ROTOS enables the inspection of nearly all workpiece characteristics. Due to the three rotatable, multiple stylus arms, it is also possible to measure deep boreholes and difficult-to-reach surfaces. Even overhead measurements are not a problem for the ZEISS ROTOS. The new features also include skidless styli intended for measuring roughness and waviness on sealing faces. Programming the surface parameters is quick and easy because the ZEISS ROTOS is completely integrated in CALYPSO, the ZEISS measuring software.

Companies can benefit from no longer having to invest in separate systems for at-line roughness measurements. With the ZEISS ROTOS sensor, the operator also avoids having to reclamp parts and transport them between roughness measurement systems and CMMs. Surface roughness can be analyzed and visualized in a customized, professional display together with size, form and location in ZEISS PiWeb reporting.

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