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Force Measurement Solutions for Basic Production and Inspection

The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced a comprehensive line of entry level computer-based force testing solutions for applications ranging from load limit and distance testing to break limit, time average, cyclic count and duration testing, constant hold and more. Optimized for production and quality control testing, the versatile architecture of the L1 system is designed for repeatable and easy operation.

The Starrett L1 line of force solutions consists of systems for computer controlled force measurement, digital force gauges, Starrett FMM digital force tester motorized test stands, manual test stands and load cell sensors.

Starrett L1, computer-controlled testing systems, are designed for high-volume, in-situ production testing. Six models are available in standard and extended travels with testing capacities of 110 ft-lbs., 330 ft-lbs. and 550 ft-lbs. All L1 Systems feature a small footprint and are suitable for lean manufacturing applications. Simple, fill-in-the-blank templates let users quickly create, perform, measure and analyze their test and perform limit testing, break testing, constant hold testing, cycle testing and more. Touchscreen control simplifies operation and the high resolution display shows results in tabular and graphical formats. Tolerances can be applied for immediate pass/fail indication. Raw data and results can be exported to Excel for reporting and statistical analysis. Load measurement accuracy is better than 0.1% while distance position accuracy is better than 20 microns.

Digital Force Gauges

Designed for versatility and suitable for basic tensile and compression testing, the Starrett Series DFC and DFG digital force gauges can be used as a fast, convenient handheld testing solution for basic applications, or via the DFC gauge, as a force sensor and controller when used with the FMM Series of motorized stands or the MTL and MTH manual stands.

Digital Motorized Test Stands

The DFC gauge can be used as a traditional handheld instrument with a measurement accuracy of better than 0.1%. Or, the DFC can be used as a controller on the column of Starrett's new FMM Series digital test stands. As a controller, the DFC serves as the user interface where users can set up load limit testing, distance limit testing and break testing. The DFC controls the FMM tester's speed, travel distance and direction. The DFC displays both force and distance results and features Bluetooth, USB and RS-232 for interfacing to external devices including computers, printers, networks and more. The DFC Series is available in eight load capacities from 2 ft-lbs. to 550 ft-lbs. All models have a measurement resolution of 10,000:1.

Manual Testers

Three new manual testers are also available in the Starrett L1 Line: MTL-110 (110 ft-lbs.), MTL-330 (330 ft-lbs.) and the MTH-550 (550 ft-lbs). These testers are suitable for applications where occasional testing is performed or where an economical solution is preferred. "Combined with a DFC or DFG force gauge, the user has an affordable solution that delivers accurate results for tensile or compressive testing," said a company spokesperson. Starrett manual testers can be used vertically or horizontally. Options include a digital scale for precise distance/height measurements.

Load Cell Sensors

Starrett BLC load cell sensors are full-bridge, temperature compensated strain gauge instruments designed and optimized for basic force testing applications. These S-Beam sensors feature high axial stiffness and minimal deflection at full capacity, which leads to improved measurement accuracy.

When more sophisticated and complex testing is required, Starrett also offers a range of solutions via the L2, S2, L2 Plus and L3 Systems. The Starrett L1 force measurement line is manufactured in the U.S. and is available to order in several configurations including FMM Series digital force testers in three standard travel and three extended travel versions, 14 digital force gauges including eight DFC advanced force controllers and six DFG basic force controllers, eight load cell sensors in the Series BLC and three manually operated force testers including two models in the Series MTL and one model in the Series MTH.

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