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Reinventing Laser Measuring Technology

LC50-DIGILOG is a newly developed laser measuring system.

DIGILOG technology generates thousands of measurements per second, which increases the speed, precision and in-process reliability of tool measurement in machining centers.

Due to optimized laser optics, the new LC50-DIGILOG achieves greater absolute accuracy.

The compact BLUM smartDock is the standard interface for all new carrier systems. It is offered in three variants and includes, in addition to the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic connections, all necessary pneumatic valves.

The new HPC nozzle with 25% greater cleaning pressure enables more effective cleaning of the tool cutting edges.

Blum-Novotest offers its new laser measuring system LC50-DIGILOG. "This system has been completely redeveloped to revolutionize and future-proof the speed, precision and in-process reliability of tool measurement in machine tools," said a company spokesperson.

Alexander Blum, President of Blum-Novotest GmbH, said: "In-machine measurement has become established as an integral element of high-end CNC machining. Automated machines and virtually all 5-axis machining centers are equipped with BLUM laser measuring systems. The prerequisite for this was the enhanced performance of systems under the harshest conditions as well as the associated possibilities in terms of automated tool measurement and monitoring. Based on that, it was by no means easy to upgrade the tried and proven laser measuring technology with NT technology. We achieved this innovative advancement by implementing the DIGILOG technology familiar from touch probes in the laser measuring system."

While the digital/switching laser measuring systems using NT technology only generate a small number of signals for recording measurements by shadowing the tool, the new DIGILOG laser measuring systems generate thousands of measurement values per second while adjusting the measuring speed according to the nominal speed of the tool. The new laser measuring system LC50-DIGILOG also measures each cutting edge individually, rather than just determining the value for the longest cutting edge, meaning it is possible to make a comparison from the shortest to the longest cutting edge. As a result, run-out errors, caused by contamination on the taper of the toolholder, for example, are also automatically detected. The new LC50-DIGILOG detects any contaminants and cooling lubricants adhering to the tool-due to the large number of measurements per cutting edge-and deducts them from the result to make measurement results even more reliable.

"With the LC50-DIGILOG, measurement and testing times have been shortened by up to 60%," said the spokesperson. "In addition, the new generation achieves an absolute accuracy that is better than all comparable measuring systems due to an optimized beam shape and a 30% smaller focus diameter. BLUM's developers also further improved the homogeneity of the laser beam, making further analogue measurements possible. The influence of coolant mist has been further reduced, enabling improvements in accuracy and in-process reliability. And despite its reduced external dimensions, the optimized design enables the measurement of tools that are up to 30% bigger, depending on the version used."

The compact BLUM smartDock standard interface serves as the basis for all new support systems and contains the necessary pneumatic valves in addition to the electrical, mechanical and pneumatic connections between the machine and laser measuring system. If the compressed air quality is in accordance with ISO 8573-1 class 1.3.1, the separate pneumatic unit required for the LaserControl NT can even be omitted completely.

"In addition to realizing the shortest measurement times, optimized precision and in-process reliability, users will also profit in the future from new, ground-breaking applications. These include the 3-D ToolControl software, which enables continuous digilog-based contour measurement of tools-including the visualization on the control screen-which far exceeds the functions of significantly more expensive and complex image processing systems. Or the new SpindleControl technology cycle, which can be used to record and evaluate the state of a spindle bearing," said Blum.

Blum-Novotest will feature the LC50-DIGILOG at IMTS 2018 in booth 135527

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