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Wide Selection of Cycle Lathes for Oil & Gas Industry

TUR630AMN with 25" swing x 118" BC and 5.5" spindle bore (dual nose, rear)

TUR930SMN-OC featuring 32" swing x 196" BC with 8.6" bore, live (driven) tools and HD solid bed construction

Toolmex TUR European built lathes now offers its widest range of cycle and repair flatbed lathes on the U.S. market. "The customized line of lathes is built specifically for the oil and gas industries that require large bores, heavy duty construction, reliability and easy operation with Toolmex after sale support. Toolmex TUR-OC (oil country) lathes bring European precision and quality at an affordable price to this key market segment," said a company spokesperson.

TUR expanded Oil Country line now offers:

  • More spindle bores: 5.5", 6.5", 7.5", 8.6", 12.6", 14.2", 17.7", 21" and 25"
  • 2-4 way beds: traditional 2-way beds or turn through 4-way beds. Available in 78" BC and up to 629" BC.
  • More power and torque: 20 HP to 130 HP and turning torques of 1,100 nm to 22,000 nm.
  • Controls: FANUC or Siemens CNC systems with simple conversational cycles.

TUR users in the U.S. include very large to small companies in industry. In the energy field, EXCELL 7, in Houston, TX, has standardized on TUR-MN/OC lathes. From 2007-2018 it has invested in eight TURs with 5.5", 8.6" and 12.6" spindle bores. Due to the amount of threading it performs, along with production and repair jobs, it selects the Siemens control, increasing operator efficiency and parts finish.

Toolmex Lathes is the USA national importer for TUR European built lathes from Haco-FAT. "TUR lathes are known worldwide for their heavy-duty design, high performance and quality components making them suited for the most demanding applications," said the spokesperson.

For more information contact:

Tom Kob

Toolmex Lathes

2015 S. Mitchell Blvd.

Schaumburg, IL 60193-4543


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