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Downhole Sensors Made in One Operation

GenMill | GenTurn by Ganesh offers the GENTURN CNC Swiss lathe series, which includes the multitasking twin-spindle GENTURN SL-20Y2 8-axis 20 mm Swiss lathe. This lathe addresses the need of getting work up to O3/4" done efficiently, in only one operation, with all of the axial and radial milling features accurately timed and deburred. "It allows companies to be more competitive by getting the work completed without building fixtures for follow-on operations, and without tying up multiple machines and operators," said a company spokesperson.

Downhole directional module bodies, which are used to house accelerometers and magnetometers along with the required coaxial connectors and adapters, are typical components used for sensor packaging throughout the energy sector. These can be machined complete on the GENTURN series of CNC lathes.

The hybrid 8-axis GENTURN SL-20Y2 20 mm machine can be operated with or without a guide bushing to provide the best choice of operating mode for each job. The 10,000 RPM main spindle is powered by a 5 HP spindle motor, and the 5 HP sub-spindle turns at 8,000 RPM. A total of 30 toolholders are standard with the basic machine, and eight tools are driven using ER-16 collet spindles. The main spindle can bring 17 tools to work on the part, and the sub-spindle can utilize 13 tools in the basic machine configuration. A variety of tooling options are available to address the specific needs of each workpiece.

All machines feature a high-performance C-axis with 0.001° resolution on both the main and sub-spindle for accurately timed axial and radial milling features. A parts catcher and parts conveyor are provided on all GENTURN multitasking machines to facilitate careful, mark-free removal of parts. A cut-off confirmation sweep-arm switch is provided to help ensure that the part is properly separated from the bar stock. Cutting oil flow confirmation monitoring is provided to ensure that the cutting oil is properly lubricating the cutting tools. An oil chiller system is included to maintain thermal control for consistent machine accuracy.

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