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August 2018

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Robotics for Machine Tool Tending
Robot and Loader Enable Lights-Out Manufacturing
Manual Tool Changer for Cobots
Automated Cells for Machine Tending
Turn-Key Fiber Laser Systems for Direct Part Marking
High-Speed Milling Machine with Touchscreen Machine Control
Semi-Automatic StructurALL Saw
New Dual Spindle Thread Grinder
Turn-Key Grinding Solutions
Connected Digital Ecosystems Automated Welding and Plasma Cutting
Gehring Merges with copperING for Powertrain Production
Hard Scudding Shaping New Horizons in Gear Production
Innovative Hydraulic Press Solutions
Offline Robot Programming
High-Speed Low-Payload Robots
CNC Cycle Lathe for Flexible Single-Part and Batch Production of Workpieces
Modular Pallet Handling System
Science and Innovation in Grinding Systems
Grinding Wheel Technology Provides Precision Productivity
Gear Grinding Platform Includes Dual-Worm Wheels
Form Grinder with Optional Ball Screw Table Drive
Versatility of Waterjet Cutting Technology Showcased
5-Axis CNC Grinder with Extended X- and Y-Axis Paths
Hydraulic Ironworkers and Fully-Automatic Programmable Saws
Metal Injection Molding Capabilities
Machine Tool Cutting Tool and Tool Services Solutions
Drill-to-Finish Bore Solution Skiving and Roller Burnishing System
Line of Fine-Grinding Machines Expands
New Transor Filter Designed for Linear Motors
New Additive Manufacturing Technology
New 5-Axis Cutter Grinder System
Grinding Innovations for Todays Challenges
Cobots with Built-in ForceTorque Sensor
New Robots and Advanced Manufacturing Solutions
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Automated Cells for Machine Tending

Automated Cells & Equipment (ACE) is introducing the MD Mate. Starting with the premise that floor space is at a premium and flexibility is critical to any machine tending application, ACE developed the MD Mate to be a simple, drop-in machine tending solution for small lathes, mills and grinders.

This innovative drawer-based part presentation system enables parts to be placed onto simple fixtures located within each of the four included heavy-duty sliding drawers. This set-up provides consistent part locations for both robot pick-up and placement.

How it works: an operator simply opens each of the four drawers from outside the robot cell, places raw parts into each drawer fixture and then closes each drawer. Next, the operator cycle starts both the machine tool and the robot. The included 6-axis 7 kg payload FANUC robot moves to the top drawer, depresses the drawer handle, pulls the drawer into the robot cell and locks it into position for part unloading. The robot now unhooks from the drawer handle, picks the first part from the drawer and then loads the machine tool. On the next cycle, a finished part is unloaded from the machine tool and a new raw part is loaded. The robot moves back to the drawer to place the finished part back into the drawer. As drawers are completed, the robot moves down to the next available drawer.

The loading/unloading of the MD Mate from outside the robot cell promotes uninterrupted part load/unload of the machine tool. Available part area per drawer is 24" W x 16" D x 4" H fixture area. A drawer locking system is provided on each drawer to accurately lock the drawer in any of three positions: inside the cell; inside the drawer cabinet; or open on the operator side. Drawer capacity is 50 lbs. distributed.

Additional features of the MD Mate include: heavy-duty steel frame; integrated drip tray within each drawer; drawer position sensors pre-wired to distribution block for connection to the automation control system; and easy relocation via pallet jack.

For more information contact:

Automated Cells & Equipment, Inc.

9699 Enterprise Drive

Painted Post, NY 14870


IMTS 2018 Level 3, Booth N-236249

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