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August 2018

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Micro Coordinate Measurement System

Alicona will present its latest optical 3-D Focus-Variation measuring instrument µCMM. "This is a new benchmark in production measurement technology," said Stefan Scherer, President, Alicona. "The µCMM will present completely new possibilities in micro-coordinate measurement. This enables us to further expand our market leadership in the field of roughness measurement and the measurement of dimension, position and shape with just one sensor. The new measurement system supplements the previously known spectrum of production measurement technology with a new, purely optical solution. Users benefit from all the advantages we offer with our Focus-Variation technique. These include the high-resolution measurement of components with steep flanks and highly reflective surfaces, insensitivity to vibrations and a high number of measuring points."

µCMM combines tactile coordinate technology and optical surface metrology to measure dimensions, position, shape and roughness of components with just one sensor. The new µCMM offers high geometric accuracy of several optical 3-D measurements in relation to each other, which enables the measurement of smallest surface details including precise determination of position.

The 3-D measurement takes place only at the relevant measuring points and thus in a very short time. With only one sensor, users measure both surface roughness and GD&T features with tolerances in the single-digit µm range. The spectrum of measurable surfaces includes all common industrial material and composites such as plastic, PCD, ceramics, etc. including matte and polished, highly reflective components. The simple operation is implemented by single-button solutions, automated measuring sequences and ergonomic operating panels such as a specially developed controller. An automatic objective magazine further supports flexible usage and easy handling. Air-bearing axes with linear drive enable wear-free use and high-precision, fast measurement. This makes µCMM suited for permanent use in production.

A series of options extends the µCMM's application range and maximizes fields of use in production measurement technology. As of example, the motorized rotation unit "Advanced Real3D Rotation Unit" turns the 3-axis system into a 5-axis system and enables users to measure components from several, arbitrary perspectives. This allows contactless measurement of surface features such as flank angles, chamfer, thread pitch or undercuts.

Another feature is measurement automation, achieved by the "AutomationManager" automation interface to be able to fully automatically measure surface roughness parameters and GD&T features. An administrator defines the required measuring programs, which are started by an operator at the push of a button. The programs to be measured are selected via drop-down menu or barcode scanner. The measurement result is then completely operator-independent.

µCMM is also ready to be used in modern manufacturing concepts, based on integrated production concepts as it is with Industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing. Here, machines, production systems and measuring instruments connect and communicate with each other to enable adaptive and self-controlling production.

For more information contact:

Alicona Corporation

1261 Humbracht Circle, Suite G

Bartlett, IL 60103


IMTS 2018 Level 3, Booth E-135833

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