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Kairos Exhibits, Presents Paperless ERP Software

Kairos Manufacturing Solutions, the New England reseller of ProShop software, will be sharing insights into the benefits and value of web-based, paperless enterprise resource planning (ERP) for total manufacturing management.

Kairos has partnered with Adion Systems, the makers of ProShop, to bring a cutting edge solution to the manufacturing ERP market space. Kairos will be exhibiting case studies and live demo stations where attendees will be able to see ProShop first hand. ProShop is a complete manufacturing management solution including ERP, MES, QMS and Tool Management. It is a 100% paperless and 100% web based (hosted either in the cloud or on premise based on user preferences).

The software was developed by aerospace job shop manufacturers with complex customer requirements and manufacturing workflows. The software was developed to be flexible and user friendly.

Further, Kairos will be hosting a Knowledge Bar discussion forum focused on the topic of paperless manufacturing during the event. Attendees will be able to sit down for an open discussion with Chris Mendicino, the founder and owner of Kairos, and expand their knowledge on the benefits of paperless manufacturing, how shops are implementing paperless ERP systems and why it is not as complicated as people think.

Additionally, a presentation on the topic of franchise prototypes in manufacturing will be delivered by Paul Van Metre, one of the ProShop founders. He will be discussing the establishment of world class organization structures, procedures and cultures which have a proven track record of positioning companies for growth, scalability and site multiplication. He will also be sharing how ProShop has been helping shops implement those practices and manage rapid growth for a range of machine shops over the last several years. Time and location for both the Knowledge Bar discussion, as well as the Franchise Prototype presentation, will be listed in the event brochures schedules.

For more information contact:

Kairos Manufacturing Solutions

37 Cricket Dr.

Sturbridge, MA 01566


Smart Mfg. Experience Booth 1124

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