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Caron Engineering at Smart Manufacturing Experience

At the Smart Manufacturing Experience, Caron Engineering's knowledge bar discussion will focus on how its Tool Monitoring Adaptive Control system (TMAC) is critical for machining hard aerospace components.

"Aerospace machining often involves machining very difficult materials such as titanium and Inconel," said a company spokesperson. "Tools break down quickly and the correct feeds and speeds are challenging to determine. The most effective technique is doing real-time feedrate adjustment using adaptive control algorithms based on the measured cutting power. Adaptive control automatically adjusts the feed rate to maintain a constant tool load, reducing cycle time and increasing tool life."

Caron Engineering will also highlight its newest version of ToolConnect. ToolConnect is a retrofit hardware and software package that uses RFID technology to automatically transfer tool presetter data to the CNC control. The newest version is completely customizable to meet the customer's tool load and unload process specifications. The drag and drop design of the UI allows the user to tailor the display to show all necessary tool data. This version of ToolConnect has a web-based interface, allowing the user to access ToolConnect from any network connected PC.

Caron Engineering's DTect-IT will be another feature at the show. DTect-IT is a versatile monitoring system for detecting machine irregularities using custom sensors for vibration, strain and analog. DTect-IT's ability to detect barfeeder vibration has been one of the primary applications for this product. DTect-IT can communicate directly with the CNC control to automatically slow the spindle RPM when excessive vibration is detected on the barfeeder, to eliminate scrap from bent bars and prevent spindle damage.

DTect-IT's newest sensor option is a high-resolution (24 bit) USB power sensor. This is ideal for monitoring small tools, right angle heads and other applications where the measured power is too small to be captured with a typical power transducer. Specifically, Swiss-style machines are used for smaller, more precise parts, with super-small tools and thus, need more data sampling rates in the low HP range. The USB connection of the new power sensor also offers easier installation and maintenance due to the modular design inherent to USB architecture.

Caron Engineering will have demos of its entire product line at its booth. Additional products on display will include AutoComp, a software application that processes data from any electronic gauging device and automatically compensates tool wear offsets, and a Caron Engineering Smart Light system, an intuitive status light that can be programmed to show any machine status or process indication.

For more information contact:

Caron Engineering, Inc.

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Smart Mfg. Experience Booth 529

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