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MicroCare Appoints Senior Procurement Manager

James Gluck

MicroCare Corp. has appointed James Gluck as its Senior Procurement Manager. Gluck comes to MicroCare with more than 30 years of experience in purchasing, supply chain management and logistics.

"We are very excited to have Jim on the MicroCare team," announced Steve LeFebvre, MicroCare Chief Financial Officer. "MicroCare is growing at a fast rate, which means supply chain issues are key. He is going to be focused on the smoother integration of our supply chain with all of our evolving production needs."

The position of Senior Procurement Manager is a new post at MicroCare. The job was created to better integrate an expanding supply chain with the three logistics centers at MicroCare which, in turn, support all three manufacturing facilities. Procurement also has been made more complex by the aggressive new product plans MicroCare will deploy over the next three years.

Prior to MicroCare, Gluck worked for eight years as a logistics and supply chain expert at Edgewell Personal Care. At Edgewell, Gluck improved procurement processes and managed the purchase and installation of new production equipment. He also coordinated the company's in-sourcing effort, which will be important at MicroCare because MicroCare outsources very little of the company's production. At an earlier employer, Gluck developed an MRP purchasing dashboard that enabled purchasing to identify and requisition raw materials faster and more accurately, which improved factory productivity and minimized inventory holding costs.

Tom Tattersall, MicroCare Chief Operating Officer, said, "In my discussions with Jim, I realized he is very IT savvy. He really understands the urgency of getting the right information to the right managers at the right time."

Gluck said, "I am looking forward to making significant contributions to the MicroCare team as the company adds new products, new customers and reaches into new industries."

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