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Flexible Fiber Laser

Production note: Make the 2 in CO2 subscript in the last paragraph.

Knuth's new laser cutting machine is a compact cutting system for flexible use and is a suitable laser machine for a workshop environment (equipped with an IPG fiber laser).

The compact Knuth Laser-Jet 2512 laser cutting units have a small footprint and flexibility that make them useful in a wide variety of industrial applications for single parts and small batch productions. IPG fiber laser sources with different beam powers have resulted in a wide variety of possible cutting applications.

There are different types of laser cutting operations. One is the highly productive cutting, using high-performance machines with a changing table system that allows the laser to be used continuously. Such units are generally used in multiple shift operations, have very high investment costs and are not necessarily meeting the requirements and flexibility of a smaller workshop operation.

The other involves the need for flexibility using a wide variety of materials, cutting qualities and quantities. The development of the Laser-Jet was based on criteria for this type of "workshop operation." The required parts can be produced individually and unloaded directly at the machine. In addition, a sheet of material that has been used for a single part can easily be set aside and later reloaded, which uses up leftover materials at a high rate.

The Laser-Jet has an ergonomically designed structure for quick loading of sheets and easy unloading of cut parts. It also includes a well-designed user interface with integrated technology database for quick, flexible creation of cutting jobs and easy control of cutting operations. A compact design with a small footprint allows space-saving set-up and minimum installation site requirements.

The Laser-Jet2512 is equipped with a powerful PC based control (GPlus 4000) and handles material sheet sizes up to 4' x 8'.

The fiber laser source (IPG) generates a 10 times shorter wavelength (1.6 µm) than a standard CO2 laser, so the beam is more focusable. It is better absorbed by metallic materials, which is especially noticeable in materials with strong reflective properties. Therefore, the Laser-Jet provides a highly efficient cutting system for stainless steels, aluminum materials as well as copper alloys or copper. Stainless steel, aluminum and brass can be cut in plate thicknesses of up to 6 mm with very high cut quality. Even much thicker plates can be cut. For non-alloy and low-alloy structural steels, plates over 12 mm thick can be cut. The ytterbium fiber lasers available on the Laser-Jet have beam powers of 1,000 W, 1,500 W and 2,000 W.

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