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Metal-Cored Wire Designed to Improve Throughput and Quality

"The Hobart FabCOR Edge metal-cored wire is capable of higher deposition rates and travel speeds than solid wire, resulting in increased throughput," said a company spokesperson.

"The Hobart FabCOR Edge metal-cored wire from Hobart is designed to improve deposition rates and travel speeds, resulting in greater throughput compared to solid wires," said a company spokesperson. The wire also features low spatter levels to reduce time spent on cleanup. It is well-suited for applications in robotic and mechanized welding, heavy equipment manufacturing, agriculture, transportation and mining applications, and for welding non-alloyed and fine grain steels.

"FabCOR Edge wire reduces the time spent on non-value-added activities, such as anti-spatter application and pre- or post-weld grinding, so there is more time for welding," said the spokesperson. The wire has virtually no silicon deposits at weld bead toe lines, which reduces the time spent on cleanup and minimizes the risk of inclusions. Enhanced gap-bridging capabilities and wetting characteristics also help minimize burn-through, reduce part rejection and assist in producing smooth weld beads with uniform fusion - all benefits that help improve productivity.

FabCOR Edge wire is available in .035, .045, .052 and 1/16" diameters on 33 or 50 lb. spools, 60 lb. coils and in the company's exclusive 500 and 750 lb. X-Pak - a precision wire payout drum for automatic and robotic welding. "The X-Pak feeds wire straighter than standard drums, providing better weld joint tracking and extending liner and contact tip life," said the spokesperson.

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