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New Technologies for Medical Manufacturing

GF Machining Solutions offers solutions designed to help medical manufacturers meet industry challenges. Advanced technologies to meet these challenges include high-speed, high-precision milling machines, both wire and die-sinking types of electrical discharge machines (EDMs), automation and most recently the AgieCharmilles LASER P 400 U laser texturing system and the Microlution ML-5 Ultrafast laser precision micro drilling machine.

Jarvik Heart Inc. used a GF Machining Solutions wire EDM machine in the development of its artificial heart. The EDM had to be disassembled on the ground floor and taken up piece by piece in an elevator then reassembled in company's Manhattan upper floor facility.

"For critical medical components, the latest generation of high-speed mills from GF Machining Solutions generate enhanced surface finishes that require little, if any, secondary benchwork," said a company spokesperson. "The company's advancements in EDM allow today's manufacturers to create the intricate surface finishes and complex geometries necessary for modern implants and other devices, not to mention molds and dies for all manner of plastic parts used in the medical world."

The new LASER P 400 U is designed to meet industry challenges on a mass-production scale. This 3-/5-axis laser solution offers both a traditional nanosecond laser and/or a revolutionary femtosecond laser, allowing for groove machining, laser blasting and laser texturing in single set-ups. "When compared with conventional etching alternatives, the laser process eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals, is easy to use and provides repeatability," said the spokesperson.

"The ML-5 for medical micromachining features a femtosecond laser, a tool that never wears and works on all manner of material," said the spokesperson. "It features 5-axis machining and automation and allows for nanomachining. Featuring sub-micron accuracy and repeatability, the ML-5's laser achieves burr-free engraving and microholes, all at a speed suitable for the mass production of some of the world's smallest and most precise medical implants and instruments."

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