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Hybrid Swiss CNC Lathe for Complex Parts

The GENTURN SL-20Y2 Hybrid 8-Axis 20 mm CNC Swiss lathe is capable of completing complex medical parts up to O 3/4" efficiently, in one operation, with all of the axial and radial milling features accurately timed and deburred. "Getting the work completed without building fixtures for follow-on operations, and tying up multiple machines and operators, is true seamless machining efficiency," said a Ganesh spokesperson. Thread whirling capability provides additional profitable opportunities for the GENTURN SL20-Y2 CNC Swiss machine.

The GENTURN SL-20Y2 can be operated with or without a guide bushing so users can make the most profitable choice of operating modes for each job. The 10,000 RPM main spindle is powered by a 5-HP spindle motor, the 5-HP sub-spindle turns at 8,000 RPM. Thirty toolholders are standard with the basic machine, of which 8 tools are driven using ER-16 collet spindles and features a high-performance C-axis with 0.001° resolution on both the main and subspindle for accurately timed axial and radial milling features. The main spindle can bring 17 tools to work on the part, and the sub-spindle can utilize 13 tools in the basic machine configuration.

Many tooling options are available to address the specific tooling needs of each workpiece.

A parts catcher and parts conveyor are provided on all GENTURN multitasking machines to facilitate mark-free removal of valuable parts from the machine. A cut-off confirmation sweep-arm switch is provided to ensure that the part was separated from the barstock successfully. Cutting oil flow-confirmation monitoring is provided to ensure that the cutting oil is properly lubricating the cutting tools. A cutting oil chiller system is included to maintain thermal control of the cutting oil.

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