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GARANT MasterSteel Product Series

Hoffmann Group USA offers its GARANT MasterSteel solid carbide drill product series with the SPEED and FEED high-performance solid carbide drills. This series has been expanded further with the three-edged, solid carbide drill and matching three-edged NC spotting drill. "This product family now includes the variants 8xD and 12xD, the world's largest L/D ratio," said a company spokesperson.

"Chip removal is a challenge when it comes to three-edged drills. The MasterSteel FEED 8xD and 12xD has been designed with enhanced feedrates. The enhanced feedrate is ensured by a special cutting-edge geometry with stable cutting edges and a large clearance in the center. A special taper with a special shaped tip angle reduces the cutting pressure and creates an optimal chip flow, as well as controlled chip breaking," said a company spokesperson.

In addition to the MasterSteel FEED, Hoffmann Group has developed a matching NC spotting drill to carry out deep drilling precisely. The self-centering capability allows for targeted spot drilling even on critical and uneven surfaces. The point geometry is optimally matched to the geometry of the MasterSteel FEED drill with a point angle of 155°. "These products offer up to 50% more feed per rotation and with a state-of-the-art coating technology," said the spokesperson.

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