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Three Reasons for Production Scheduling Software

"Production scheduling software from JobPack is a crucial investment that should be considered at the beginning of the fiscal year," said a Shop Floor Automations spokesperson.

Three reasons this software can be beneficial for manufacturing shop floors:

  • Having complete control of production jobs creates more on-time deliveries, as well as opening up room to accept more customers. Viewing the shop floor's real-time work schedule in a graphical layout within seconds is valuable in a changing manufacturing landscape. No more paperwork or guessing involved. With the extra time saved from adopting this new technology, job shops are able to push more jobs out on-time, maybe even earlier than expected. There could also be more time to take on new customers and last minute hot jobs from existing clients, because of the ability to see machine capacity, in real time.
  • The software helps keep the shop floor a safer place while also encouraging productivity. It is always best practice to use Lock Out Tag Out procedures when a machine will be down for maintenance. It would be beneficial to update operators in real time that the machine is down. Additionally, jobs can move from the machine that is out of commission to a similar machine, or move the job ahead so that it will still be ready on-time for customers. This will ensure no one rushes the Lock Out Tag Out process or makes a deadly error in efforts to complete a job on time.
  • This software can help replace the old processes of guess work, spreadsheets and the related human error that goes with it. Spreadsheets do not update in real time and anything involving time sensitive paperwork is bound to be met with human error. "Whether it is from simple calculation errors or an employee just guessing information so that they meet a boss' deadline, spreadsheets or whiteboards that display job status need to be abolished on the shop floor," the spokesperson added. Bringing a responsive program onto the shop floor, and the ability to drag and drop jobs to see how they affect all other jobs up to 365 days into the future for production schedules, will help resolve these production issues.

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Shop Floor Automations, Inc.

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