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Industrial Automation Software

Godlan offers its industrial automation software, Prophecy IoT. This software allows users to collect relevant and contextual manufacturing and operations data.

Prophecy IoT receives data through melding with manufacturing ERP data and the use of statistical analytics, and presents information that can be used to make fast and accurate decisions in real time. Prophecy IoT interactive systems are designed to be easy to use and require no training.

Prophecy IoT visualization data:

  • Provides critical production floor alerts
  • Makes data-based predictions
  • Makes high levels of data collection possible
  • Feeds data into user's ERP in real time
  • Converts IoT data into actionable, often predictive knowledge
  • Provides transaction automation in ERP software.

"Manufacturing production equipment can provide huge amounts of real-time data and a multitude of varying data points. If this data tracked and analyzed appropriately, predictive events and alerts can be delivered real-time to individuals or groups within the organization who can take action. Additionally, data points can be used to automate transactions or events in the ERP software system," said a company spokesperson.

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