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Lean Mass Production for Small Workpieces

Murata Machinery has developed the MW35 as a lean mass production solution for small workpieces. The Muratec MW35 twin spindle turning machine is designed specifically to reduce cycle times by performing secondary operations for screw machine or cold-headed blanks and/or fasteners.

By combining the machine's twin-spindle design, simultaneous cutting through the X1 and X2 axes, a 6,000 RPM spindle and a built-in, high-speed swing-type servo loader, the MW35 produces finished parts in as little as 3 seconds.

With one or two modern bowl feeders atop the machine's structure, parts-feeding to the high-speed loader is simplified, adding to the machine's efficiency. The MW35's compact footprint is 35" x 95" and stands 63" tall for maximum shop floor visibility. Additionally, the machine is completely servo and pneumatically controlled, resulting in quiet operation.

The Muratec MW35 is designed for aerospace, automotive and fitting parts that require finishing operations.

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