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Internal Girth Sub Arc Welding Cart

Tank Cart Girth Welder

Mavrix Welding Automation Inc. has released a redesigned internal girth sub arc welding cart for large diameter vessel welding.

Originally developed for rail car internal seam welding, the cart features precision level sensing to communicate with the vessel turning rolls and maintain an accurate location relative to BDC. The cart can be used for any vessel large enough for a person to be inside during welding to maintain and recycle the sub arc process.

Featuring LED lighting, Lincoln Electric wire feeder and manual sub arc hopper, the cart features a rugged all aluminum welded frame and is modular to reduce the overall weight and will fit through a 24" opening.

It is available in two versions. The original features on board potentiometer controls for adjustment of wire feed speed, weld voltage adjustment and cart speed so the operator can make adjustments while observing the weld. The new generation is PLC controlled and allows for preconfigured formulas, taking the manual adjustment away from the operator.

Mavrix custom builds most products to fit the customer's specific application. Mavrix integrates systems and components from D/F Machine Specialties, Weld Engineering, Miller, Lincoln Electric, Dynaflux, Panasonic and Schneider Electric.

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Mavrix Welding Automation

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