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MILL P 800 U Machining Center

GF Machining Solutions recently showcased its Mikron MILL P 800 U 5-axis, MILL P 800 U ST (simultaneous turning) and MILL P 800 U D (high dynamics) machining centers. These machining centers are designed to deliver high precision and heavy-duty production.

Gantry designs on all MILL P 800 U machines offer stability for machining tough materials such as titanium alloys. Heidenhain TNC 640 and Siemens 840D controls help ensure process safety, long tool life and overall production efficiency. Intelligent spindle monitoring (ISM) displays spindle vibrations in X-, Y- and Z-axes. These spindle movement characteristics help reduce tooling costs, extend the life of the machine, heighten part quality and improve productivity.

"The MILL P 800 U ST achieves workpiece roundness, enhanced surface quality and high material-removal rates to provide high value," said a company spokesperson. With both milling and turning capabilities, the machine allows shops to fully machine components on a single machine and eliminate transfer-related part errors along with the occurrence of stacked tolerances to further boost finished part quality.

The MILL P 800 U ST is capable of 4-axis simultaneous turning, which is especially beneficial when cutting tools must be positioned at 90° angles to workpiece surfaces to avoid tool shape errors.

For milling, the MILL P 800 U ST incorporates a 20,000 RPM HSK T63 Step Tec HPC190 spindle. While at the other end of the spectrum, the MILL P 800 U D version increases maximum feedrate to 60 m/min from 45 m/min.

All machines in the MILL P 800 U range are rConnect ready. This central communications platform enables manufacturers to maximize their productivity and control over production. Live Remote Assistance (LRA), process improvement modules, predictive maintenance and machine monitoring improve machine uptime and add more flexibility on the shop floor.

LRA allows customer-authorized remote assistance via the connection of machines to a GF Machining Solutions local diagnostics center and the company's plants in real time. With LRA, either the manufacturer using the system or a GF Machining Solutions technician can conduct remote diagnostics and inspections.

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