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All-in-One Optical Incremental Encoder

VIONiCplus is Renishaw's highest performance optical incremental encoder system launched as part of the VIONiC digital all-in-one encoder series. The VIONiC design combines all necessary interpolation and signal processing inside the readhead and eliminates the requirement for additional external interfaces. To this end, Renishaw developed a new versatile interpolation ASIC (VIA) chip to perform all of the functions originally executed by the interface. Other features, working in conjunction with the advanced diagnostic tool (ADT), bring the end-user wide-ranging monitoring and diagnostic feedback.

"The VIONiCplus incremental encoder is the culmination of research into the latest fine compensation architectures and advances in modern optimization algorithms leading to unparalleled heights of performance," said a company spokesperson. "By leveraging advances in digital interpolation and signal processing techniques, Renishaw has built an encoder with Sub-Divisional Error (SDE) below ±10 Nm - unprecedented from a 20 µm-pitch scale. VIONiCplus is the first conventional optical encoder to deliver the performance advantages of ultra-fine pitch (<4 µm) systems with the additional benefits of better yaw and ride-height tolerance, easier installation, smaller system size, higher speeds, more flexible scale options including longer lengths, better dirt immunity and lower cost."

An example application is scanning, for instance 3D LiDAR, which relies on precise constant-velocity control of a rotary motor in order to limit measurement errors at long range. The VIONiCplus incremental encoder is designed to be an ideal solution because it provides low SDE that minimizes velocity ripple. In motion control, the encoder's high 2.5 Nm resolution and low 1.6 Nm RMS jitter reduce position settling time and increase stage repeatability.

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