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Redesigned Panel Bender with Automatic Blankholder Adjustment

The all-electric Salvagnini P1 panel bender is a smart, adaptive machine that has been redesigned for flexible kit and single piece part production.

"With up to three times the throughput of a press brake and zero set-up time, customers will find the P1 panel bender to be an indispensible addition to their manufacturing infrastructure," said a company spokesperson. "The P1 offers the distinctive features of Salvagnini's larger panel benders: automatic blankholder set-up, universal tooling, brief cycle times and programming software for 2-D drawings and for 3-D models that adds built-in skill and craftsmanship to the part forming process. If you are capable of loading a blank and unloading a finished part, you can produce a high quality product on a Salvagnini P1 panel bender."

Features of the P1 include:

  • Asymmetric Auxiliary Bending capability for making interrupted bends of up to 25"
  • Automatic Blankholder Adjustment (ABA), which is found on Salvagini's larger machines
  • A Last Bend Down capability comes standard
  • All electric operation.

"The P1 panel bender reliably forms both simple and complex parts of the highest quality with no operator intervention," the spokesperson added. "Set-ups take just 4 seconds. Individual bends only 2 seconds. And only 3 kW of power is consumed during operation. Occupying just 86 sq. ft. of floor space, this versatile machine is ready to go right out of the box."

For more information contact:

William Bossard, President

Salvagnini America

27 Bicentennial Court

Hamilton, OH 45015


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