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New Line of Abrasive Waterjets

OMAX Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced waterjets, announced the release of its GlobalMAX product line, designed to bring the versatility of waterjet machining to a wider range of customers. The GlobalMAX system incorporates two-and-a-half decades of OMAX waterjet research and development into a space-saving table design for users that need basic accessory compatibility.

GlobalMAX machines are designed, manufactured and tested as an integrated system, including an energy efficient direct drive pump, a table that provides access on all sides and a motion control system created specifically for abrasive waterjets. The Intelli-MAX control software that comes with GlobalMAX waterjets allows operators to import part files from any major CAD or graphics programs, or create drawings from scratch.

"The GlobalMAX product line was created to extend our waterjet engineering and manufacturing technology base to more customers," explained Stephen Bruner, Vice President of Marketing at OMAX Corporation. "We build waterjet systems that help our customers make money in the short and long term, and this product line is no exception. With GlobalMAX, more fabricators and machine shops can benefit from the versatility and precision of waterjet cutting. We have incorporated the proven technology from our other waterjet lines into a rugged and ergonomic design for shops that need a machine that can cut virtually any material, but do not need all the bells and whistles."

"Because abrasive waterjets use a cold cutting process, there is no heat-affected zone (HAZ), and therefore, no distortion to the work material and often no need for secondary finishing operations," said a company spokesperson. "GlobalMAX waterjets can easily cut materials that are often difficult to cut using traditional machining methods. Material can be stacked and parts can be nested, significantly reducing production time and material costs."

GlobalMAX abrasive waterjet systems are available in three different cutting bed sizes, 2'7" x 5'; 10' x 5'; and 13'3" x 6'8".

There are also two direct drive pump sizes available, 20 HP and 30 HP.

The machine does X- and Y-axis cutting with three degrees of freedom. A number of compatible accessories are available for the GlobalMAX line, including a terrain follower, a pneumatic drill, a laser feature finder and a bulk garnet feed hopper. All components of this new line are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested at the company's U.S. headquarters in Kent, WA, to ensure quality and component compatibility.

For more information contact:

Stephen Bruner

Vice President of Marketing

OMAX Corporation

21409 72nd Ave. South

Kent, WA 98032

800-838-0343 / 253-872-2300

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