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MC Machinery Announces New Fiber Laser Offering

MC Machinery's fiber laser offering has expanded to include another option in laser-cutting technology. The all-new SR-F series features a 3 m by 1.5 m footprint with many of the features and options that are popular in its eX-F laser.

The SR-F laser is available in 2 kW and 3k. "This entry-level machine offers the advantages of a Mitsubishi Laser in an economical package," said a company spokesperson. A two-dimensional fiber laser processing system comes standard with a fiber laser resonator, a processing head and a safety cover. It also includes the Mitsubishi 700 series control with 64-bit NC and a 15" touchscreen.

Other standard features of the SR-F include:

  • Motion Cut - features the beam on/off time and axial movement simultaneously to eliminate the need for the axes to stop
  • Eco Mode - reduces cost during standby by up to 70%
  • Power Control System - provides power stability of ±1%
  • Automatic Focusing - allows for easy and consistent focusing
  • Magnetic Damage Reduction Function - protects the head and eliminates the need for nozzle centering in the event of a crash
  • MC Remote 360 - provides real-time data to help increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce down time.

Fiber laser technology dopes the optical fiber of the active gain medium. Since the light is already in a fiber, this allows a flexible path for delivering to a movable focusing element, such as the processing head. The technology eliminates bend mirrors and effectively eliminates the need for beam adjustment and alignment, improving consistency. This is important for production jobs including laser cutting, welding and fold forming.

For more information contact:

MC Machinery Systems, Inc.

85 Northwest Point Blvd.

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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