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Guardian Business Solutions Releases Quality Inspection Capture App

Guardian Business Solutions, Inc. has announced the release of its Quality Inspection Capture app, or QUIC, a quality control app designed to support PPAP reporting. As part of the Mobilize-IT collection, it is the first in a series of enterprise apps for android and iPhone/iPad users in the manufacturing and distribution environment.

"The QUIC app is a smart alternative to the previous pen and paper methods, which are tedious, sometimes inaccurate and make working with the gathered data a challenge," said a company spokesperson. "This app allows for smooth mobile data collection, reporting and filtering. Measurement results are easy to record and list each individual test."

"Companies that are required to track inspection information as part of their PPAP requirements will find that the Quality Inspection app aids in the collection of sample data for dimensional results and greatly reduces the amount of time it will take to do so. Not only will it save time, it provides useful information for the quality department showing what parts are having trouble, what corrective actions were taken, by whom and where in the process these problems are occurring and more," said Bridget Lazlo, Guardian President. "Most companies are either scanning the documents that are used, keying the data into another database after the fact or not doing anything with it at all, which is a real shame since they took the time to collect it."

Inspection requirements are set up in a web page form on the Mobilize-IT middleware/app server software. This information is then combined with the existing part and operation data from the customers ERP system. This information includes: job, operation, part no., description, tool, specs and previous and current sample data. QUIC retrieves the data on the smartphone or tablet and records the inspection information. The completed transactions are sent back to the middleware server and stored in a database for PPAP reporting.

QUIC offers financial savings at the entry level by using the latest smartphone app technology. The app runs on android and iPhone/iPad devices, which provide advanced features at a lower purchase cost per worker than Windows based systems, the company said. Easy-to-use touch screens, bar code scanning or voice recognition allow workers to quickly and easily access and collect data whether or not they are connected to their enterprise systems.

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