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February 2012

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MAE Straightening and Wheel Set Presses to be Represented by American Wera
AccuteX EDM Receives Industry Awards
2011 Manufacturing Technology Demand Strong Amid Other Economic Weakness
ATW Companies Announces Acquisition of Metalform Company
Beckman Precision to Host Open House
CAMPAT Machine Tool Announces Robert Arthur Machinery as New Leadwell Dealer in Florida & Puerto Rico
Allergan Purchases CAMWorks Software
Chevalier Introduces FSG-B818CNCII Profile Grinder
D&S Manufacturing Integrates New HMC
Dengensha America Opens New Weld Lab for Training
DMG / Mori Seiki Offers ULTRASONIC 65 monoBLOCK and LASERTEC 65 Shape
Dynomax Increases Medical Market Presence Through New Equipment Investment
EFC International Adds Specialty Sales as Representative
FISHER/UNITECH Acquires SolidVision
GF AgieCharmilles to Highlight 5-Axis Milling and EDM Advancements at MD&M
750-Degrees F Cabinet Oven from Grieve
Hole Specialists Puts New Equipment into Production Before Expansion Complete
L.K. Machinery Offers Upgraded Standard Features on the L.K. MT 800P
Lucifer Furnaces Supplies Dual Chamber Furnace to Anomatic
Madaula Supplies Custom Tooling for Citizen M-20/32 Lathes
Maxwell Machinery Offers Shinri CNC Slant Bed Endworking Machine
Mazak to Showcase New Vertical Center Nexus Compact at MD&M
Reshoring Initiative Impacts 2012 U.S. Budget
Seco Introduces New Turbo 10 Cutting Tool
Siemens Introduces New Technology Enhancements
X-Ray Industries Acquires Arcadia Aerospace
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Siemens Introduces New Technology Enhancements

Siemens has introduced new enhancements to its Sinumerik Operate user interface and the Sinumerik MDynamics CNC milling and turning technology package. "Both will increase user productivity, improve part surface finish and offer more convenience," said a Siemens spokesperson.

Sinumerik Operate combines the HMI-Advanced, ShopMill and ShopTurn operator and programming interfaces to create a single consistent user interface for use with machine tools. The user interface contains animated elements and is designed to facilitate intuitive operation and programming. Even the most complex workpieces can be setup with ease and produced in a single clamping operation, owing to a range of new functional features, the company said.

Sinumerik process measurement cycles are now also available for automatic workpiece and tool measurement processes with the familiar look-and-feel of Sinumerik Operate. For these efficient cycles and other new functional features, the input masks are provided with animated elements using the Sinumerik high-level language programGuide and, with ShopMill and ShopTurn, they also include a simulation capability. Measured values can be automatically updated and used both for tool correction and also zero offset.

"The user convenience of animated elements, which are designed to support machine operators with predictive graphic animation of operating and programming steps, will quickly establish the popularity of this application," said the spokesperson. "ShopMill's programming functionality now also offers graphical support for features such as display of the rotary axis in position patterns, new pocket calculator functions with fit indication and the ability to hide selected positions in position patterns. Cylinder surface transformation and multiple workpiece clamping are also included in this new package.

"Tool management within Sinumerik Operate has been expanded even further to include not only new grinding tool types, but also new measurement probe types and new depiction modes for tools using graphics and detailed picture views. As a result, all turning, milling and grinding tools are displayed with the same familiar look-and-feel. New shortcuts have also been introduced, such as the Ctrl-F function, allowing simplified search operations in most operating areas such as files, tools or in the editor.

"Program management is more efficient by allowing PDF files or picture documents in .jpg, .png and .bmp formats to be saved in directories on local drives for paper-free production.

"These improvements to the Sinumerik CNC's user interface, as well as the new cycles and functionalities, are also available with the new version of the Sinumerik Operate-based training software SinuTrain.

"Sinumerik MDynamics is a technology package for milling applications. Aimed at users of 3- and 5-axis milling machines, MDynamics combines the CNC hardware, smart CNC functions and the integral CAD/CAM/CNC process chain into a single usable package for industries that are required to comply with the highest standards of surface quality and precision, as well as machining speed. Sinumerik MDynamics is specifically geared to applications in industries such as automotive and aerospace, power generation, medical part production, shopfloor manufacturing and tool- and mold-making.

"Accurate surface machining and precise contouring are provided within the shortest possible machining times. These are factors that impact workpiece quality and manufacturing productivity.

"The 'Advanced Surface' path control system has been upgraded to further improve the quality and evenness of milling path velocity profiles and to reduce overall machining times.

"An optimized look-ahead function offers users of Sinumerik CNCs particular benefits in terms of improved part quality and increased productivity for the high-speed cutting (HSC) of freeform surfaces. Special emphasis was placed on the optimization and smoothing of any jerks that occur during the acceleration phase along adjacent milling paths. As a result, the new look-ahead function improves the surface finish quality, despite increased machining speeds.

"The 'orientation path smoothing' (ORISON) function for 5-axis machining helps eliminate the orientation fluctuations that occur over a number of blocks. This helps to achieve a smooth characteristic for both the orientation and the contour, enabling more harmonious traversing of axes. Sub-programs used in five-axis machining, which are generated by CAD/CAM systems, tend to include minor inconsistencies in the tool alignment movements determined by milling paths and direction vectors. These lead to compensation movements by the rotary axes. Even if these movements amount to just a few tenths of a degree, they can often bring about a temporary slow-down of tool movement or even a brief, but complete standstill of path traversing movements. The result: visible traces on the workpiece surface, as well as increased machining time.

"For various applications, such as face-end milling, the ORISON function smoothens the progression of changes to the orientation vector over several NC blocks, preventing any rapid or jerky changes to the tool alignment. This results in fewer compensation movements that place less stress on the machine dynamics, leaving more dynamic capacity available for path tracking. In the end, not only are circular axes less likely to be "slowed down" by stringent tolerance specifications, but there is also improved machining speed, surface quality and contour precision.

"The new 'Quick Viewer' function for mold-making applications offers a quick overview of the workpiece and the relevant sub-program. Even the biggest NC programs can be converted in the shortest amount of time into a 3D workpiece preview. The ability to quickly obtain a graphical view of the mold-making program offers users enhanced security. Not only does it provide the assurance of having selected the correct mold, but it also allows a rough appraisal of whether the program contains traversing errors and also of the fundamental machining strategy."

For more information contact:

John Meyer

Siemens Industry, Inc.

Drive Technologies - Motion Control

390 Kent Avenue

Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


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