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Maruhide Offers Pipe Coaster Machine

Powered with proprietary conversational software, Maruhide's Pipe Coaster requires the bare minimum of operator involvement to achieve precise and productive pipe cutting, the company said.

Maruhide's software imports and converts 3D CAD files and, based upon the pipe's basic dimensions such as diameter and wall thickness, it calculates the exact geometries for the cut. The software then commands the machine movements.

"The Maruhide can reduce downtime through each step, from planning to production," said a company spokesperson. "With no need for time-consuming layout and programming steps, round or square pipe can be easily and precisely cut. Maruhide's nesting software further enhances the Coaster's performance with the ability to cut multiple parts out of a single pipe.

"The Pipe Coaster's Laser Positioning System provides the footing for the machine's accuracy. It leads the plasma torch and automatically adjusts the cutting angle based upon the pipe offsets. Exact cuts with smooth weld preparation reduce scrap and the time associated with hand grinding. Additionally, direct pipe to chuck clamping provides for accurate pipe rotation."

The family of Maruhide Pipe Coasters includes 15 models, some with seven controllable axes that can cut pipe up to 54" in diameter with a 2" wall. Column cutting machines are also available.

Maruhide's Pipe Coasters are designed for use in industries where pipe cutting accuracy and performance are crucial, including steel structures, pressure vessels, oil field applications and shipbuilding, the company said.

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