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April 2007

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Accutex EDM Appoints Cardinal Machinery Distributor for Southeast
Four Seasons Drives Productivity with TZA
Advantech to Co
AMT Launches Initiative to Develop Machine Communication Standard
Arthur Machinery Hosts 2007 Tampa Machine Tool Show
Avance Control Announces the Release of Avance 3
New Protective Wrap Meets US Government Green Purchasing Requirements
Lockheed Martin Awards Carl Zeiss With Contract For Gantry System
Columbia Presents New Programmable PM Micro Dot Peen Marking System
DE-STA-CO Robohand Introduces DPP Series of High-Precision Grippers
DE-STA-CO Announces New Facility and Consolidates Business Operations
Delcam Consolidates North American Sales
Area Doosan Dealers Receive Top Honors at Annual Sales Meeting
DMG to Hold HSC Workshop April 11
DMG to Hold HSC Workshop May 2
Ellison Technologies Names New Executive Committee
Emuge to Host Zero Stock Machining Seminar
Lockheed Martin Atlas Program uses PSI
Eurotech Announces Two New Bar Machines
New Fadal 50
Fagor Automation Offers Innova 20i
FLP Tooling Inc
Precision & Productivity Without High Investment
PPD-130 Peristaltic Pump Dispenser
Index Offers Single
Ingersoll Introduces Hex
Kurt Introduces New Self
Sfi Purchases 115 Lincoln Electric Power Wave Inverter Power Sources
LNS America Introduces New Automatic Short Bar Loader
Makino Announces 2007 Second Quarter Online Seminars
Preparing for 2007 Success at Penske Racing South
Metal Storm 2007 to Take Place at Methods Machine Tools in May
NASCAR Teams Take Welding to the Track with Portable MIG Welder
Mori Seiki To Sponsor ESPRIT World Conference 2007
Overman & Associates Moves to New Location, Expands Capabilities
Newest PartMaker Version to be Shown at PMTS 2007
Eccentric Bores Faster and More Precise with the Powerhold Auto
Face Groove Smaller Diameters and Deeper Depths
Increase in Machining Capacity Announced by Royal Machine
Scotchman's American-Made Column Cold Saw
Sharp CNC Introduces MDT
General Motors to Sponsor Bright Minds Mentor Program
Strippit/LVD Introduces VT Series 30-Ton CNC Turret Punch Presses
Robots: Leading the Way for Innovation Learning
Tino's Maintenance & Painting Specializes in Industrial Machine Painting
Brunson Teams with Texas Machine
TMI Forms Dimensional Services Group
Tong-Tai (Topper) Introduces Universal High Speed Loader (UHL)
Tornos Introduces New Thread Whirling Attachment for High Lead Angles
GibbsCAM's Next Generation SolidWorks
Vitaldyne Creates Medical Device Components
W. A. Whitney Celebrating 100-Year Anniversary
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New Protective Wrap Meets US Government Green Purchasing Requirements

"The INTERCEPT SPS material has the unique ability to neutralize and remove corrosive elements in the air around the product wrapped inside, thereby protecting them from corrosion for long periods," said a company spokesperson. "Since the INTERCEPT material has no chemical content and is non-hazardous, it produces no fumes, no outgassing of volatile organic compounds, and poses no danger of worker sensitivity or allergic reactions. It is 100% safe to use and 100% recyclable. This allows manufacturers to safely ship and store their high value components for years, while ensuring that their products will be corrosion-free when they are unwrapped for use.

"Originally developed and patented by Bell Laboratories, INTERCEPT SPS Protective Wrap from Birchwood Casey is the ultimate corrosion resistant wrap and packaging. Unlike conventional packaging, INTERCEPT SPS provides active corrosion protection. The material consists of a high-density polyethylene film, infused with metallic copper particles and activated carbon. Completely non-hazardous, these materials neutralize and absorb corrosive elements inside the wrap through sacrificial galvanic action and absorption. In addition, these materials are natural biocides that quickly kill any acid-producing bacteria, mold or fungus that may be present inside the wrap or in fingerprints. By creating a benign, protective zone inside the wrap, the product inside is fully protected-without the use of chemicals.

"With a proven storage life of 20-plus years in normal warehouse conditions, INTERCEPT SPS provides protection for products of all types-from very large, high value parts such as engine blocks and military hardware to smaller, precision manufactured tooling, machine components and spare parts. INTERCEPT SPS Wrap effectively protects all metal surfaces, and even electronic and optical components, from deterioration in storage and shipment.

"Available in several forms, INTERCEPT SPS can be purchased online in shrink film, stretch film, flat stock, pre-sized bags and large tote-bin sized gusset bags. The 48-inch flat INTERCEPT SPS material is used for odd-shaped components by wrapping and taping. INTERCEPT SPS Stretch Film and Shrink Film are used to enclose pallet-sized loads, machines and larger components.

For more information contact:

Birchwood Casey

7900 Fuller Road

Eden Prairie, MN 55344-9702


Fax: 952-937-7979




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